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3 Enterprise Collaboration Risks to Avoid

Collaboration is comprised of everything from file sharing platforms to instant chat communication applications. And, through each of these collaboration channels, there come certain risks that you must take great care to avoid.

Here are 3 pressing enterprise collaboration risks to avoid.

Risk 1: An Unstructured Collaboration Infrastructure

Having a poorly functioning collaboration structure can hurt your organization in terms of productivity and security.

How it poses a risk:

Many enterprises have different applications with different security capabilities running within their operations. In doing so, you’re increasing the amount of effort it takes to manage and secure your applications and your user base.

What you can do about it:

To mitigate the risks of an unstructured collaboration platform, you can turn to custom application development. With the help of experts, you can create a unified communications solution that makes it far easier to manage, track, and secure your different user bases on their favorite collaboration applications.

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Risk 2: Purchasing Unnecessary Equipment and Licenses

There’s not much point in investing in collaboration solutions if your team doesn’t have adequate knowledge to use them to their full potential.

How it poses a risk:

Enterprise-level collaboration applications often come with expensive per-seat licensing agreements. Take VoIP systems as an example; companies typically use 40-50% of the functions that are available, but each company uses a unique 40-50%.

In other words, enterprises may be wasting money on features that they don’t need.

What you can do about it:

To understand exactly what you need, you’ll need to understand how your organization communicates (both internally and externally). This may require the assistance of an outside IT specialist that can accurately perform a communications audit for you.

Once you understand what your users want, you can deploy the right communication solutions along with ample user training. Doing so will end up saving you money and improving overall efficiency in the enterprise.

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Risk 3: Inadequate Mobile Device Regulations

Mobile devices have exploded onto the enterprise scene. Many employees prefer to work on their own devices, which can both benefit and harm the organization.

How it poses a risk:

Each different mobile device poses a brand new security risk. As soon as a foreign device is introduced to your network and applications, it has the ability to inject cyberthreats directly into your infrastructure.

Furthermore, mobile devices also fall into a “grey” area of responsibility – who should manage these devices? Where do the permissions of the enterprise end and where does the personal usage begin? Is the organization allowed to remotely wipe the device if it is lost or stolen?

What you can do about it:

To deal with the risks that bring-your-own-device enterprises face, you’ll need to establish some stringent and thorough rules. Creating a secure BYOD enterprise policy helps your organization iron out the security concerns of BYOD while still allowing the benefits to come through.

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Mitigating Collaboration Risk with Greyson

It’s a challenge to reduce enterprise-level collaboration risk while maximizing your results. Luckily, that’s exactly what we’re here to do – we have experience with deploying enterprise-level collaboration solutions that balance protection and productivity.

We can help better your business with:

  • Voice, video, and data integration into a single platform
  • Custom enterprise messaging, presence, and application development
  • Unified Contact Center solutions to handle call routing, treatment, integration, and more
  • Full integration of collaboration applications with any device, anytime, anywhere

We always keep security in mind when crafting these solutions. If you have any questions about the risks that your enterprise faces with collaboration technology, feel free to reach out and ask.

As always, we’re here to help you succeed.