IT Project Management for successful businesses.

How to Efficiently Complete IT Projects

As organizations scale and expand their operations, they start to uncover resource utilization challenges and resource limitations.  To efficiently complete IT Projects you need an approach for success.

IDC estimates that 30 percent to 35 percent of IT projects could be counted as failures.


When it comes to managing your IT needs, companies have a few options available. Among them are expanding in-house staff or leveraging partners with experienced IT consultants and project management teams.

Expand Your In-House IT Staff

When confronted with a greater demand for the execution of IT-related projects, most business decision makers prefer to rely on their in-house IT department. But there are pros and cons associated with this direction. Utilizing your internal tech team to manage new or special IT projects can be one of the costliest investments your company can make.

In-house IT departments can be very effective when they know your organization and priorities but keeping everyone on the team focused on specific projects, and not getting pulled into other urgent initiatives can be a challenge.

Speed to market is critical for most organizations. The most common outcomes when using shared In-House IT Staff for projects are missing your timelines and coming in over budget.

Many organizations find that their In-House IT Staff is consumed with running the business and finding resources with the expertise and availability is rare.  Conversely, when looking to hire for a specific expertise, finding qualified technology talent can prove difficult.

If you decide to go the hiring route, you should invest in recruitment services that can help you find the right candidates with the right expertise that will fit your culture and your technical needs.

“Most executives agree the IT landscape is changing dramatically, and it’s hard to keep up with the needed skills to support it.”


Partner with an Experienced IT Solutions Provider

When it comes to efficiently managing your IT projects from start to finish, nothing compares to having a customized solution created specifically with the needs of your company in mind. Experienced IT consultants and project management teams help you lower overall costs by eliminating the need to employ full-time IT teams and increasing efficiency in planning and execution.

IT Solutions Providers employ a broader and deeper pool of technicians than most companies can afford to have in-house or through outsourcing. By subscribing to a professional approach to project management, service providers deliver the expertise necessary to avoid common mistakes made by inexperienced IT teams. That’s not to say they’re replacing them – rather, experienced IT Solutions Providers work together to tackle various levels of IT projects.

As a bonus, IT Solutions Providers are more likely to follow industry best practices, understand compliance requirements and practice transparency in testing and reporting.

“The traditional measures of scope, time, and cost are no longer sufficient in today’s competitive environment. The ability of projects to deliver what they set out to do — the expected benefits — is just as important.”

Project Management Institute

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Whether it’s time to enhance business security, incorporate cloud services, upgrade applications or extend network capabilities, let Greyson help you efficiently manage your next IT project.