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3 must-have features of managed IT services

It’s a never-ending game of who can evolve the quickest and who can use technology the most effectively. Organizations that struggle to play this game — even for just a little bit — are left in the dust.

So the question becomes: How does a company adapt successfully?

And the answer to that question is simple: managed IT services.

More and more, organizations are relying on managed IT services to reshape and then maintain their technology infrastructure. This process leads to a leaner, more efficient organization. But what exactly should you look for in a managed services relationship?

Let’s start with the basics.

Remote Monitoring

Managed IT services allow organizations to embrace a proactive approach to technology. This means that issues are detected, identified, and eliminated before any noticeable downtime is encountered.

But for this to happen, remote monitoring must be wrapped into your managed services agreement. Here’s what this should consist of:

  • Comprehensive monitoring of your network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Real-time configurations, data aggregation, and performance reporting
  • Insight into network performance, device stability, and systems availability

“Managed services can deliver a wide variety of capabilities, ranging from computing, storage and networking resources to mobility management, cybersecurity, email and unified communications, including telephony services. The common thread is that, along with the capabilities themselves, the best service providers also offer ongoing management and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure, service guarantees and end-user support.” — Forbes

Remote Incident

Remote monitoring services detect network issues. However, remote incident services identify and resolve those issues.

However, this facet of managed IT services goes above and beyond a temporary fix. The ultimate goal of remote incident services is to identify the root cause of an issue. This way, recommendations can be made to prevent that particular issue from occuring again in the future.

Here are a few things to expect with remote incident services:

  • Monthly reporting on service requests and tickets
  • A breakdown of how issues impact the organization
  • Detailed explanations on how issues are resolved and what changes are made during the resolution process

Remote Change

Once the root cause of an issue is identified and recommendations are made to eliminate that issue for good, it’s time to think proactively.

What changes must be made now to ensure technology remains available and reliable in the future?

At this point, a managed services provider will work with your company to determine next steps for your organization — steps that will bring about positive and lasting change. This might include new hardware, additional services, or simple tweaks to your existing infrastructure.

“Managed services augment or in some instances replace internal IT personnel by monitoring devices, responding to incidents, resolving detected problems, proactively tuning and optimizing the infrastructure, and reporting on all these activities so that the enterprise still understands IT issues and has control and authority over them.” — Cisco

With these three facets covered, your managed services provider can do a lot of good for your company. They’ll be able to find and eliminate network issues before they cause your organization problems. On top of this, they can recommend and implement solutions that will eliminate those issues completely.

Managed Services with Greyson

We can help your organization. We design, deliver and operate our managed services and solutions with care.

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