Outsourcing IT for businesses to assist in-house IT departments.

The Technology Services Provider (TSP): Partnering with, Not Replacing IT Departments

Automation. Robotics. AI. Gartner suggests businesses will be impacted by the “internet of things” (IoT) and by 2022, over 80% of IT projects will have AI components. In short, the world of technology is rapidly evolving.

So when you look at your IT department, what do you see in their future?

Outsourcing IT has several advantages, including keeping overhead costs down and helping with intelligent automation advances. Still, it’s not always the best choice.

Instead, partnering with technology service providers (TSPs) can prove to be a better option because you can hire TSPs to work with your existing IT department. The TSPs handle the bigger, specialized projects, and the in-house IT department handles the day-to-day support.

Managing Your IT In-House

Maintaining in-house IT gives you consistency and continuity in many areas of business technology:

  • IT support is available when you need it, around the clock. Most IT staffers working on-site will be familiar with both your office setup and team members.
  • You have a built-in rapid response team. If there’s a breach in your data or you need to troubleshoot a computer malfunction, they’re readily available and present in a flash.
  • You’re in control and in touch because your dedicated team is working alongside you. You can monitor work performed to ensure they are adhering to IT best practices.
  • You can select knowledgeable talent to optimize your systems and customize features and capabilities specific to your company’s goals.

As good as that sounds, there are times when relying only on your in-house IT staff has a big downside.

Your existing staff might not have experience with the more recent tech advances in the industry. For simple lack of knowledge or time, they might just remain focused on what’s going on with your company, and not much else.

They’re also not likely staffed or certified to handle the bigger stuff, like security reviews, legacy migrations or compliance audits. To tackle tougher projects, you have to provide your IT team with additional resources and tools to get the job done right. That can cost a pretty penny, both in training and equipment, not to mention time away from ongoing responsibilities.

TSPs Assist with Outsourcing IT Services

As more businesses convert to intelligent automation services (IAS), this may lead to 70% of the workflow being handled by IAS. If your current staff isn’t structured to support these changes, you may want to outsource aspects of your IT.

Businesses can rely on technology service providers (TSPs) as a cost-effective way to cover their IT bases as needs evolve and requirements change. Hiring TSPs to work together with your staff means when you need IT support to tackle the tickets, you’ve still got a solid in-house team ready to deliver. When you need industry expertise to handle big IT projects, you’re covered by the expert team of your TSP partner.

Benefits with TSP outsourced IT projects include:

Faster implementation and increased efficiency: Partnering with technology service providers means you’re leveraging their wide range of experience and expertise. They know the ins-and-outs of multiple industries. That means they can implement specific solutions more efficiently and effectively than you could on your own.

Low overhead and costs: TSPs work within your budget. Fiscal predictability and cost-effectiveness can help you maintain your bottom line and boost your ROI.

A flexible multi-vendor technology approach: Technology service providers are knowledgeable people that have worked with a myriad of vendors. They want to help you succeed and can work alongside your existing staff or off-site at a satellite location to choose the vendors that work best for you.

Greyson Technologies: Your TSP

Greyson Technologies offers seamless IT solutions for increased business efficiencies. We can be the TSP that works with your existing staff. For you, that means you can depend on us to tackle the tough projects that you’ve kept on the back burner for so long.