What’s On My Desk?

Like most people working from a home office during 2020, my desk has become an important part of my life. I have seen a variety of shows that have segments where PGA or LPGA touring professionals show viewers what they carry in their golf bags, and ATP and WTA touring professionals showing what they carry in their tennis racquet bags.  It made me think about what  IT professionals and road warriors keep in their backpacks and desks. Without further ado, here is what’s on my desk!

I still have a techie side and see value from both Windows and Mac operating systems, so I have a Windows desktop and a MacBook Pro on my desk.  As a Cisco Gold Partner, we, of course, have some collaboration tools. For me, it’s the Cisco DX-70.  The Cisco DX-70 is now end-of-sale, so hopefully, in 2021, I will get a Cisco Webex Desk, which is a new product that Cisco just unveiled at their Cisco WebexOne conference.

Where I try to keep all of my notes electronic, I still have a notepad and Post-it Notes for quick notes that I might take during meetings.  I have a Yeti Rambler, which I fill with water all day long.  I’m a big fan of hydration, and it is nice to step away from the desk to give my eyes an opportunity to view some objects that are more than 36 inches away!  I have a couple of pens and a more sentimental Mont Blanc pen that proudly stares at me from its case.  A color LaserJet printer, an external hard drive or two, an iPhone charging stand, countless charging cables, a lamp, which I rarely use…

And, I would guess the most unusual item is a Japanese Daruma Doll which is seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck.

Who doesn’t need a little bit of that! What’s on your desk?