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Hurricane Readiness: Are You Prepared?

There are a tremendous number of details within the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (DR/BCP) domains, this article will stay high level, and hopefully, spark some thoughts to allow you to assess your current state.

Learning from the SolarWinds Cyberattack

Let’s Talk Security Having spent 15 + years in the Financial/Banking vertical, I have always stayed abreast of the mainstream attacks that made the national news. In December 2020, we were notified of probably the most significant and brazen cyberattack ever. It is well documented where these attacks were sponsored, so I will skip past […]

What’s On My Desk?

Like most people working from a home office during 2020, my desk has become an important part of my life. It made me think about what  IT professionals and road warriors keep in their backpacks and desks.