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Seminole County Public Schools

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Greyson Technologies, Seminole County Public SchoolsCLIENT CASE STUDY

Customer:Seminole County Public Schools
Location:Central Florida
Size: 67 Schools, 66,000 Students


With 66,000 students attending 67 schools, Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) ranks among the largest public education systems in the United States; and it’s still growing—adding up to 1,000 students a year. The district is also well-known for fostering a highly educated workforce, from introducing kindergartners to computer coding through play to working with local businesses to provide high schoolers with meaningful internships.

SCPS’s continued ability to drive scholastic excellence while achieving greater operational efficiency in a high growth environment required a more powerful, flexible, and resourceful approach to IT.


Find out how Greyson and NetApp technology is helping Seminole County Public School students realize their full potential.


The minute production systems were up we realized the NetApp platform [from Greyson] was light-years ahead of what we had before.


Greyson Technologies, as a NetApp partner, recommended an 84TB NetApp FAS8040HA hybrid storage array and a NetApp AltaVault AVA400 cloud-integrated storage appliance which supplies a fast, efficient, and secure backup to cloud solution.

Greyson Technologies, NetAppThe FAS8040HA platform, empowered with NetApp Flash Pool and NetApp clustered Data ONTAP technologies, lowers operational costs and management complexity while improving accessibility and responsiveness for critical administrative, student, and public facing applications and websites. In fact, response time for SCPS’s Food Services website where students and parents fund lunch accounts went from over a minute to seconds soon after deployment.

Enabling the IT team to leverage existing and familiar backup software tools, SCPS’s new Altavault appliance supports high efficiency with a 15 to 1 data reduction ratio (through deduplication) and facilitates backups that are more than 80% faster than with tape. In addition to locally cached backups, the appliance securely sends data to Microsoft Azure BLOB storage, which aligns with SCPS’s Microsoft Azure-based public cloud strategy.


Both NetApp solutions and the savings they generate are also paving the way for more IT enhancements expected to help take SCPS’s progressive academic strategy even further. For example, the district is currently integrating its virtual and NetApp environments with Cisco UCS servers and switches to form a converged, centrally managed, and easily scaled FlexPod infrastructure. With the ability to configure and deliver compute and storage resources with even more speed and agility, the IS team can better respond to growing demands as well as new opportunities, such as those that may be granted through the $50 million dollar Laurene Powell Jobs’ XQ Super School project.