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Rosen Hotels

Large-scale voice solution links multiple properties for growing hotel brand.

Greyson Technologies, Networking


Rosen Hotels
Central Florida
6,300+ Rooms & Suites

“In 2013, Millennium Technology Group was seeking partnership with a company that could assist them in deploying a large-scale voice solution across multiple hotel properties. As Millennium was managing multiple large-scale projects on behalf of Rosen Hotels & Resorts, they needed to identify a partner that they could trust to help them execute a future-proof voice-over-IP solution that they could then build upon. As a technology company, they were looking for a like-minded partner with advanced technical skills and the ability to “think outside of the proverbial box.”


Working with Greyson, Millennium was able to continue the deployment of voice-over-IP throughout Rosen Hotels and worked closely with Greyson to migrate three additional properties to the upgraded solution effectively allowing the standardization of technology throughout the enterprise and establishing the platform necessary to add additional properties more easily in the future.


The proposed solutions and technical services provided by the Greyson engineering team played a key role in helping to reduce downtime throughout the enterprise. In conjunction with upgrades being made by Millennium, Greyson’s partnership provided them with a stable foundation to centralize additional telecom functions thus reducing cost and providing a consistent guest experience throughout each of the Rosen properties.

Greyson Technologies, Rosen HotelsOur search for a long-term partner brought Greyson to Millennium. Greyson emerged as a partner who brings value, innovation, and expertise to Millennium. They are consistent, knowledgeable, and a true partner.


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