Leveraging Video at Your Organization

Greyson Technologies, Collaboration, Unified COmmunicationsGreyson Technologies is a Cisco Gold Partner, and we have been leveraging numerous products from Cisco’s Collaboration Architecture.  Working with a team that spends a tremendous amount of time at customer locations and working from home, collaboration can be a challenge.  With video enabled conference rooms Endpoint Video Conferencing devices, we have certainly turned the corner with better collaboration.

Greyson Technologies leverages the following technologies / products; Cisco Jabber, Cisco TelePresence SX20’s, Cisco EX90’s, Cisco EX60’s, Cisco 9971’s, Cisco DX 650’s, and Cisco PrecisionHD Cameras.

Considering that communication is about 35% verbal, video can really have impact when all parties are not in the same room.  We have found that video has improved our conversations and has brought the team closer together.  Additionally, we have found that video has reduced confusion with requests / tasks that have been made during meetings.  You can’t see the blank gaze on someone’s face when you are having an audio only call!

Below are some of the benefits that industry research has validated:

  • Enhances experience from home users
  • Improves group collaboration
  • Makes business processes more efficient
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves competitive advantage
  • Brings people closer
  • Improves work-life balance

If you want more productive meetings, introduce video!