Greyson Earns Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Specialization

Greyson Technologies, Cisco Advanced Borderless Networks ArchitectureGreyson Technologies is building business, both for itself and for its customers.

The team has just achieved Cisco’s Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Specialization, awarded for completing the difficult training requirements necessary to design and deploy Cisco Borderless Networks Architecture.

“The Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Specialization is one of the toughest to achieve, since it combines Wireless, Routing and Switching, and Security all in one solution,” said Greyson Technologies President Greg Nordone. “We are very excited about bringing this architecture approach to our customers’ network connectivity.   We believe in the idea of anytime, anywhere, secure access to vital network resources.   I’m very proud of the team and we’re ready to help build our customers’ businesses by providing this architecture.”

This specialization demonstrates Greyson Technologies’ ability to tackle difficult network solutions. By allowing organizations to connect anyone, anywhere, anytime and on any device, Borderless Network Architecture relies on a combination of routing, switching, security, wireless and WAN optimization solutions. Greyson Technologies can pull all these components together seamlessly, to create a secure, reliable and intelligent network for business. Investing in a Borderless Network can provide organizations with superior business flexibility and increased competitive advantage.

Currently a Premier Certified Partner with Cisco, Greyson has earned these additional specializations: Advanced Data Center Networking Infrastructure, Advanced Unified Communications, Advanced Unified Computing Technology, Advanced Wireless LAN and Express Foundation. Most recently, Greyson Technologies received the Customer Satisfaction Excellence distinction, for superior performance reviews from its customers.

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