Free for a Limited Time: Data Center Analytics

Greyson Technologies, Cisco Data Center AnalyticsHow reliable is your Data Center? Find out free!

For a limited time, Cisco is offering Free Data Center analytics engagements to selected approved clients.

This is a great opportunity to learn a lot about your network and data center infrastructure. The service is provided through Greyson Technologies by our partner, RISC Networks, an unbiased, independent 3rd party that is well respected in the industry for its analytics.

RISC client Patricia Gonzalez, Infrastructure Supervisor at Slidell Memorial Hospital plans to continue to analyze her Data Center.

“It was something my present monitoring capabilities didn’t offer,” she said. “It adds value, and saves time and money. We want to do this quarterly.”

If you are interested, Greyson Technologies can help to get you approved for this activity. We need to get started right away, since we only have a short window to take advantage of this offer.

Please contact us at [email protected] or call 954-832-3601.


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