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Federal Credit Union

Video collaboration streamlines communications between branches.

Greyson Technologies, Collaboration, Unified Communications


Federal Credit Union
Financial Services
Burbank, CA
13 FL & CA


Over the course of 50 years, this federal credit union has steadily grown to 13 offices in Florida and California serving more than 100,000 members with the highest levels of service, value, access and convenience.

With a growing organization, myriad products and ever-changing compliance regulations, the credit union regularly needed to disseminate complex communications from headquarters to multiple branches situated at opposite ends of the country. The timing of some communications was periodic and expected, while others were ad hoc and needs based. For all, comprehension was critical to maintain the highest levels of operational performance, setting up a delicate balance for the credit union between possibly degrading efficiency to gain increased effectiveness in its back-office communications.

Recently, the CEO saw an opportunity to significantly improve the effectiveness of the credit union’s critical communications using collaboration technology. As a major step up from voice conferences and other electronic communications, the CEO saw video as an efficient way to put credit union team members face to face, coast to coast, whenever necessary.

Here’s how the credit union worked with Greyson Technologies and their Florida-based team of certified, trusted professionals to implement a video collaboration solution that improved communications from headquarters to its branches and team members.


Greyson worked closely with the credit union to design an integrated collaboration solution that would meet the following requirements:

  1. Video infrastructure compatible with current network
  2. Multi-site, multi-party conferencing
  3. Easy-to-use video endpoints at branches
  4. Flexibility to support any-to-any devices and cloud-based environments
  5. Scalability to support additional endpoints and branches

To address these requirements, Greyson developed a technology adoption plan for the credit union that included these components:

  • Cisco® Video Infrastructure
  • Cisco® Unified Communications Manager
  • Cisco® TelePresence Video Communication Server
  • Cisco® TelePresence SX20, C40 Endpoints
  • Cisco® Jabber
  • Cisco® Business Edition 6000 Servers
  • Greyson Professional Services

The initial rollout by Greyson implemented the collaboration infrastructure on the credit union’s network integrated with 7 video endpoints at 3 of 13 locations. Subsequent phases would incorporate additional endpoints and locations to the collaboration infrastructure.


The collaboration solution delivered by Greyson was able to realize the CEO’s vision to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of complex communications.

  • Operational efficiency with no more effort than traditional:
    • Voice communications
    • Other electronic communications
  • Operational effectiveness allowing complex communications to take place in a collaborative, face-to-face medium across disparate locations:
    • Management to branches
    • Branches to branches
  • Expandable collaboration infrastructure is able to support:
    • Any-to-any devices and cloud-based environments
    • Additional endpoints and branches
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