Spark: Changing the Way I Work

Greyson Technologies, Cisco Spark

It’s Monday Morning:

My phone rings.

My email dings.

My instant messenger bings.

… and me? Well, I’m just trying to keep up.

So, like you, I asked, “Why would I add yet another noise maker to my symphony of communication services?” and “Is Spark REALLY going to help me?”

Much to Cisco’s anguish, I waited a long time before I embraced Spark. Sure, I had it installed and my account setup, much like many of us at Greyson, but none of us could proclaim “I use Spark!” or even “I have Spark open” – and who was I going to Spark with? Myself?* I, well – we, just didn’t get it, why would we need this?

The Tipping Point

AH! Friday! It’s morning and I’ve made it through my week mostly unscathed. I have lots of items to complete before that splendid weekend but – as my project managers always say – the most important is project updates. Before I can even think about my assuredly fun filled Saturday, I must update my customers, account managers, and PM’s – oh my! For each I make my 3 calls, repeat myself 3 times, send 2 emails (same content, no less) and send a quick IM or twelve. I’m lost, my message is lost, and I’ve spent a lot of time accomplishing very little.

Now, I can’t say if the Cisco logo on my t-shirt grew 3 sizes that day or if I was just decidedly done with repeating myself, but I knew there was a better way.

Three Spark Clients Walk Into a Bar …

It was time to make a change. I said to my team, “I’m going to give this Spark thing a try”, and as one does when trying to drive adoption, “Like it or not, I’m taking the rest of you with me!”

I opened my handy dandy Spark app, started my first space and threw in my AM, PM, and even my customer gave it a shot.

Next Friday? I typed my update once, sending it to all participants. I started a call in Spark, connecting everyone together via video. Everyone was on the same page, everyone got the same information, and I didn’t have to repeat myself. Happy Friday, indeed!

… oh, and my weekend was pretty great too!

Two Years In

Spark has been a part of our arsenal for nearly two years now. Is it one more app to look at? Sure, but probably the most useful of the lot. We’ve integrated bots to automatically notify us when files are updated in our favorite enterprise file sharing site and even post funny cat gifs when we want them. With customizable notifications, we only get the updates we want and skip the noise. Best of all? My customers are happier because they know exactly what’s happening in their project and how best to reach me and everyone involved.

My favorite hat trick? I love walking into Spark enabled rooms and using my app to control the video unit and share my screen without wires – even rooms I’ve never been in before. No IT required.

*Well, maybe, it’s not like I’ve never done THAT before.



Greyson Technologies, Mike Prosser, Senior Collaboration EngineerMike is a Senior Collaboration Engineer based out of Orlando, FL. He has a CCNP in Collaboration and is an Express Collaboration Field Engineer Representative, Advanced Video System Engineer Representative, and a Cisco IP Contact Center Express Representative. Mike loves Cisco Spark and is a self-proclaimed baking expert (but really, he just knows how to make cookies).