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Hearing Care Centers

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Greyson Technologies, Data Center, Virtualization


Hearing Care Centers
South Florida
220+ U.S.


Like many companies, this major Hearing Care retailer limited their capital spending in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 economic downturn. As the economy slowly began to improve, they engaged in a series of initiatives to bring their IT infrastructure current with an eye towards emerging technologies and renewed growth.

The initiatives began in the data center, including production and disaster recovery systems, expanded across the retailer’s network of more the 220 stores, and involved changes and upgrades to nearly every system and application. Along the way, the retailer was acquired, and subsequently required to conform the expanding infrastructure to their parent company’s IT, networking and security requirements.

Here’s how this retailer worked with Greyson Technologies and their Florida-based team of certified, trusted professionals, to transform their data center, enterprise VoIP and IT infrastructure with a series of successful initiatives executed over several years.


Greyson worked closely with the retailer on each of the following initiatives:

  1. IT steering and direction
  2. Refreshed telephony and networking environment
  3. Managed services for contact center environment
  4. Relocated data center from Verizon to facility
  5. Added new networking, server and storage hardware to the data center
  6. Added new FAX server
  7. Expanded remote access capabilities for users anywhere, any device, any time
  8. Enhanced HTTP and SMTP filtering
  9. Implemented SIP/MPLS at all retail locations
  10. Developed custom POS system conversion
  11. Centralized database platform
  12. Upgraded and reconfigured access, authentication and security controls to parent company’s specifications
  13. Migrated contact center infrastructure from on-premise to hosted and managed environment

To deliver these initiatives, Greyson developed a technology adoption plan for the retailer that included components and services from multiple partners.

  • Cisco® Unified Communications
  • Sagecom® XMediusFAX
  • Citrix® Mobility
  • Cisco® IronPort
  • SIP technology (session initiated protocol)
  • MPLS technology (multi-protocol label switching)
  • Greyson Project Management
  • Greyson Managed Services
  • Greyson Professional Services

The delivery, implementation and management of these initiatives took place over the course of a several years, with individual projects lasting up to 18 months. It required a methodical, well-coordinated project management effort by Greyson (on behalf of the retailer) to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery across multiple partners, technology platforms, initiatives and timelines.

Today, this major Hearing Care retailer runs its business on an up-to-date data center, network and unified communications infrastructure that is efficient, fully integrated to its operational needs, and able to accommodate its growth trajectory.


This series of data center and IT infrastructure initiatives by Greyson significantly allowed the retailer to improve its business operations across these areas:


  • Data Center
  • Contact Center
  • Store Locations
  • Parent Company


  • Telephony
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Servers
  • Database
  • Storage
  • Fax
  • POS

Greyson Technologies, Data Center, Virtualization