Managed Services

Your IT landscape is changing faster than ever—challenging your team to keep pace with new applications, increased complexities and higher availability. It’s a daunting task every day and any misstep can quickly upset critical business outcomes. Greyson Managed Services provide the flexibility you need to keep pace—with a dedicated team of service professionals monitoring your IT environment 24/7/365.


Greyson Managed Services is an extension of your IT team, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our dedicated team of experts knows your environment, proactively monitors all aspects of its operation, and provides a dependable and swift set of extra hands for any heavy lifting, so you can optimize and focus on strategic initiatives.

Proactive – Dependable – Swift

That’s the kind of Managed Services you can always depend upon from us.


Greyson Managed Services are specifically geared to reduce risk and improve IT resiliency. You can quickly alleviate technical support pains, reduce overall IT expenses and shorten response times—freeing you to scale IT operations more efficiently and expedite the adoption of new technologies to help drive the growth of your business.

Our 3 tiers of Managed Services:

  • Remote Monitoring: Comprehensive monitoring of your network infrastructure.
  • Remote Incident: Manages your infrastructure by identifying and resolving issues promptly and accurately.
  • Remote Change: Ensures changes to managed components are promptly and properly evaluated, planned, communicated, and documented to minimize risk to your business services.



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