collaboration risks being personified by a bunch of hands grabbing each other

The Digital Health Transformation

Greyson Technologies is fortunate to serve some of the largest hospitals and healthcare organizations in the State of Florida. While the healthcare workplace has never been easy, after a full year dealing with a global pandemic, clinician burnout is a real challenge today.

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicts a shortfall of up to 139,000 physicians by 2033, up from 121,900 one year prior. This includes an outlook of up to 55,200 in primary care and 86,700 in specialties. 

In addition to the challenges of working through the lifesaving efforts during a worldwide pandemic, the healthcare industry is also going through a significant digital transformation; telemedicine being the most notable disruption for the healthcare industry. The demands on this industry are growing and the availability of resources is not keeping up. But all is not lost. Digital capabilities are helping improve patient access, communications with patients and between clinicians, and accommodating hybrid and resilient work environments.

Here are some of the technologies that are playing a large role in the healthcare workplace:

  • Virtual meetings – supporting hybrid models (in-person and remote)
  • Video capabilities – on demand, ready as needed
  • Team collaboration spaces
  • Chat and messaging for quick inquiries/resolutions
  • Background features – from noise-canceling technologies to custom virtual background and automatic lighting adjustments
  • Language translation services – as global collaboration continues to increase, bridging language barriers is wildly important
  • And, of course, the ability to message securely, from any device, and from anywhere!

An important consideration in deploying a strong collaboration environment using these types of systems is to have a trusted partner that can align to the goals of the business, IT, and clinicians.

Digital initiatives must include a plan to provide close support of the clinician during these times. Continuous improvement is part of the system change plan and can be the difference between a technology deployment that brings improvement in burnout and one that contributes to it.

Final Thoughts

Collaboration will always be a part of every organization. But the way you collaborate can make a huge difference in how productive your team can be. By implementing the right tools, you can set your organization up for success. Just remember to look for tools that accomplish your goals and are up-to-date, engaging, and easy to use. Here at Greyson Technologies, we strive to positively impact the communities we serve. You can always turn to us for the IT help you need. We’re here to talk!