Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Takeways

A few weeks ago we embarked on our SASE journey. If you’re just joining us, it’s not too late to get caught up. Part I was an overview of SD-WAN, and in Part II, we went through an overview of the SASE framework. Today, we will keep exploring SASE!  There are some interesting trends developing. Some of these you might agree with, and perhaps others you might not. One size does not fit all, and that’s okay! Let’s dive into what we’re seeing:

  • It’s difficult to argue that the number of remote users and mobile users is growing. These remote/mobile users are targets for attackers. With these users not being in close proximity to your help desk, they might be less likely to ask someone to come over to their desk to check out an alert.
  • Direct Internet Access (DIA) is becoming the new normal (or already has!). Where MPLS and/or VPN connections might not be dead, more and more organizations are looking to make this change.
  • Cyberthreats are becoming more and more advanced!  This means that organizations must keep security as a top priority or they will find themselves on the nightly news like many of the titans of Silicon Valley have in 2020.
  • Applications are moving to the cloud…quickly.  Email services, CRMs, accounting systems, file storage, project, and expense management. Many Software as a Service (SaaS) apps have weak access and security controls. Organizations need to understand they are still responsible for security.
  • New demands and expectations need a network architecture that is flexible and simpler! Organizations are not waiting months and months for a new MPLS circuit, they want DIA in a few days. SD-WAN is helping to simplify and to provide organizations with more flexibility.

There are a TON of variables to consider when looking at your networking and security architecture. Prior to making decisions, I always recommend getting enough input so that you feel educated on the paths that you can choose. One step at a time works here. SASE is a framework, so you can look at gaps that you have and start building towards a new and more secure model for your organization.

Technology is a disruptor to the norm, and the network is changing. I can’t state this enough: security needs to be top of mind, always.  Design with security accounted for. Design with purpose!

Here at Greyson Technologies, we see SASE as an emerging technology focus, which will be taking a spot with many organizations ’ IT budgets. As applications and data move to the cloud, coupled with more and more mobile users, we need to look at new solutions to meet these new demands. Interested in learning more about how we can help you? Contact us today.